We embrace the soul of the Lisbon gardens

We were inspired by the smells from Princípe Real garden.

Príncipe Real

The beginning of our dream

A charming district and one of the hills of Lisbon. In here the streets run along the city from the gardens towards the river, always alive on the horizon. The sounds of coffee shops, markets and sidewalks of the neighborhood that never sleeps. Bars, restaurants, lights and rhythms, without barriers or limits, were our starting point. We were inspired by the gates of the Botanical Garden, by the art of working iron and windows lights, tiles and buildings, looking for the natural scents of the gardens and city.

Come with us into this district.

Scented Soap

In both versions hand and bath soap. With the same scent of the Eau de Toilette and a color inspired by the exuberance of Princípe Real's garden.

Eau de Toilette

The perfume is inspired by the freshness and green of the Príncipe Real garden, with notes of cedar and sandalwood, together with patchouli's refinement, softened by a citric touch of bergamot. The result is a fresh scent, but with a strong personality and a good fixation on the skin.

Shaving Cream

With a soft foam, it prevents the irritation caused by shaving. Made with natural ingredients such as Hamamelis, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Jojoba and Sunflower, its antioxidant properties and natural oils helps maintaining the skin youthful and nourishment.

Handmade Shaving Brush

With a handmade handle in beech wood and bristle hair with a band to imitate the badger's hair.

Shaving Mug

The Princípe Real Shaving Mug, which many also know as "Mug" was designed following the style of an old model dating from 1870 and according to the national ceramic school.

The Scents
Come in and wander in the Lisbon garden

We created a fragrance that reflects the nobility of the place. With cedar and sandalwood together with patchouli's refinement and softened by a citric touch of bergamot.

The top notes are citric and fresh. Inspired by the scents of leaves and fruit trees - Bergamot, Orange, Lime and Tangerine. As heart notes the scent of the Príncipe Real line, Amber and Vanilla.

To give male body and soul, we added warm wood notes, a touch of spicy cloves, chocolate and Musk.

This is our Príncipe Real.