We revisit neighborhoods, its heritage and customs

We reinvented the essentials to take care of your shaving rituals.

Daily Essentials

Essential for man

To the first launched products we called them generics, they were thought to offer a complete and deeper personal shaving experience. A discovery of old shaving art brought to present days, for your daily care routines.

With our line of premium accessories "Black & Gold", we invite you to discover the unique pieces of art and design that we bring into your daily personal care products. Fashion and art together for a different awakening and a dedicated shaving time.

Welcome to our Essentials.


Shaving Cup

A piece of the finest Portuguese porcelain with black and gold decorations for a luxurious and sophisticated experience.

Handmade Shaving Brush

The branch is made in badger hairs - 3 bands -, with a golden ring finish and painted black ash wood. The handle is decorated with a golden plaque of the brand logo.

Soap Dish

Inspired by Portuguese design and tradition, it is produced in national porcelain with black and gold decoration.


Shavette Razor Blade

The only razor entirely produced in Portugal, with an ergonomic wooden handle that complies with the rules and requirements of your most lasting shave. A traditional blade that guarantees precision. Blades are not sold with this shavette.

Shaving Cup

The shaving bowl Antiga Barbearia de Bairro was designed following the style of the old model dating from 1870, exposed in the Museu do Barbeiro e do Cabeleireiro (Barber's Museum and the Hairdresser), one of our dearest customers.

Handmade Shaving Brush

Made of oak wood with waterproof insulation and bristles in pure badger.

Solid Shaving Soap

Experience professional shaving sensation with a moisturizing dense foam enriched with natural oils.

Solid Shaving Soap (Refill)

The same solid shaving soap in smaller doses to take care of your shaving even when traveling.