Discover the scents and colors of Ribeira do Porto

A collection with Porto's accent.

Ribeira do Porto

Our inspiration

We grabbed our suitcases, turned on our motorcycles and set out to Porto's discovery, Douro's sounds, people, light and smells that run under the bridges discovering unique scents. At Ribeira do Porto we found the inspiration for this collection. In its balconies with clothes drying in the sun at te gates of old villas and traditional restaurants under arcades. In the old yellow roasted buildings and in the old century iron bridges from Eiffel's imaginary.

Discover with us our trip.

Scented Soap

Ribeira do Porto scented soap is perfect for the start of each day. It offers a deep skin cleasing with a lasting perfume that remains through the day. In both hand and bath soap versions.

Eau de Cologne

With a vaporizer that guarantees a simple and easy application throughout your daily routine. Giving a fresh and woody note with its aroma inspired by the old wood working gear and the mornings on the green slopes of the vineyard Douro.

Shaving Cream

With a soft foam, it prevents the irritation caused by shaving. Enriched with natural ingredients such as Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Coconut Oil or Lanolin, its antioxidant properties and natural oils help maintain the skins elasticity and joviality.

Handmade Shaving Brush

A hand made shaving brush with a beechwood handle and bristle hair in a wooden box packaging inspired on the Douro's wine cellars.

After Shave

An experience that goes beyond cleaning after your shaving. A daily care that gives you more energy throughout the day with a balanced fragrance and a deep hydration. In its composition you can find fundamental natural ingredients like Jojoba Oil.

The Scents
Discovering Porto

A citric woody perfume fresh as the soft breeze that we can feel close to waterfront, enriched with the complexity of scents masterly blended just similar to the one with which Porto wine ages in the cellars.

Italian bergamot, bitter orange and petitgrain, with a light presence of spices, fruity and floral notes where magnolia and jasmine stand out. At the base you can feel the musk and the cedar wood to remember the typical Rabelos boats that once climbed the river.

As the finest touch we can scence the presence of "labdanum" - the wild grass that grows on the slopes of the Vinyard Douro.