A revisited district

A new scent for a new man.
New Chiado line.

We celebrate and remember the old coffee shops, the gatherings between gentlemen, writers, dreamers and poets. We find our inspiration in the colors, brightness and details of the Portuguese sidewalk so characteristic of this neighborhood.

All this is part of our history and creates its unique identity that we now revisit. But above all it inspires our present and our future. More and more with eyes on the world, we invite everyone to come, visit and feel this magnetic neighborhood, where old time memories remain alive in time.

CHIADO: more and more a meeting point for modern man and new lovers!

We got inspired by the 19th century Chiado and all its legacy to discover secrets and create a new perfume, dedicated to the modern man: complete, unique and fascinated by discoveries of past details.

Eau de Parfum

The heart of this fragrance is as strong as the heart of the man on which it is inspired. Its notes of noble woods like cedar and sandalwood make the tobacco leaf stand out, giving it an exclusive character.

A green woody fragrance that enhances the presence of the main note, the tobacco leaf, opening with a slight fresh floral touch, reminding the breeze of the soft jacaranda's perfume, the green notes of galbanum and basil and the exuberance of jasmine.

Scented Beard Oil

Our scented oil offers a perfect nutrition, leaving the beard shiny and strong. Moisturizes and softens, allowing a perfect combining, with a formula of natural origin, free from preservatives, with vegetable oils of biological origin - soy, castor and jojoba - and enriched with conventional vegetable oils - grape seeds and sweet almonds.

Beard Scented Serum

It is ideal for short beards, providing deep moisturizing of the face and hair, formulas of natural origin and without added preservatives. Contains vegetable oils of biological origin: castor oil and jojoba.

Beard & Face Cleansing Soap

It is suitable for all skin types, leaving a feeling of cleansing, moisturizing and deep freshness. It also helps a strong and healthy growth of your beard. Its natural formula activated charcoal, is enriched with Shea butter and Jojoba and Lavender oils.

The essential care for the contemporary man.

Inspired by the sounds, colors, places and scent of CHIADO, we chose ingredients that, at each note, allow us to try the experiences of the neighborhood.
We create natural formulas that care and protect man's skin.

Castor Oil

It helps to stop the fall and reinforces hair growth, strengthening it.

Jojoba Oil

Moisturizing and natural fungicide. It is a source of vitamin E (antioxidant) and complex B.

Soy Oil

Source of essential acids that restore the protective layer of the skin. It has nutritive and emollient properties.

Sweet Almond Oil

Rich in vitamins A and B, it moisturizes and softens the skin easily. It has rejuvenating, moisturizing, softening and nutritive properties.

Grape Seed Oil

Is lightness and quick absorption make it excellent for facial and body skin. Emollient, moisturizing, cell regenerator and revitalizing.