Travel with us to the portuguese neighborhoods that are our inspiration

We are more than a brand.

We are a path, a discovery and a look, centered on the man of today who walks the streets, who prepares his day of work, who amuses himself with his friends, who discovers the night and falls in love!

The Antiga Barbearia de Bairro is the first brand created by the 100ml. Inspired by tradition of the portuguese barbershops, a testemony and a meeting point of our streets and neighborhood. Today this spirit has been reinvented, rediscovered and the barbershops are the new meeting points in the city, celebrating the man, new habits and the cult of the beard with a new perspective.

What we believe in

Each piece, each packaging, scent, color and texture present in our products are art. Dedicated, thoughtful, praising the neighborhoods, the cities, the new man and the memory, with a strong vision of today.



Precision, comfort and pride of being a Portuguese brand, already a reference between portuguese men. We create simple details that are thought as a tribute to every men in the world.  

A vigorous, actual, attentive brand that takes the past as a platform to an improved future. We revisit old habits, customs and traditions and bring these legacies into present day.

New Vintage


Because the choice of products to take care of your beard and your skin defines you as a man, as well as your choice of the best wine and style.

A new man. Stronger. Free. Who cares for himself. Who defines his own identity. Who embraces the tendencies. Masculinity is not in the old roles, but in the capacity to discover the new world that awaits you.

New Man

Urban Culture

A brand that lives, feels and reflects the neighborhoods, sounds, people, colors, tastes, rhythms, images of the city. We understand the man of today, who walks, looks and discovers in the streets new forms of inspiration. 

We find the inspiration in the old habits, in the old newspapers and in the typical neighborhoods, giving a new contemporary look about fashion, art, design and culture. A brand to a new and more confident man with a strong image that embraces and assumes his identity. A man who does not give up looking after his image and himself.

A new vintage. In the attitude and colors. In the passion dedicated to each of our products. In the art of our brushes, the touch of our creams and in the scents of our perfumes. A new contemporary experience, a piece of Portuguese history in each detail.

We are much more than cosmetic.
We are fashion and art for man.

What we share